Generator Products

Customers' requirement is our business; our job is always to develop the best suppliers and manufacturers in high quality and reasonable price for our customers.

Within 20 years, for the HYDRO generator projects, we help customers finding the suppliers and manufacturers who can provide the products include the materials, parts, instruments, and equipments, which are applied for the GE HYDRO, ALSTOM, and VOITH’s manufacturing technology of Hydro Generators. For their STEAM Turbo-generator, GAS Turbine generator, and nuclear projects, we also help customers find and develop the products which are functional for the WESTINGHOUSE-SIEMEMS, HITACHI, Mitsubishi, TOSHIBA, and ALSTOM manufacturing technology of GAS Turbine generators, STEAM Turbo-generators, and Nuclear Generators.

We are the distributor and reseller for many manufacturers of the generators' materials, parts, instruments, and equipments, like the Generator High Current Transformers; Composite Supporting Cone Rings and Insulation Parts; Resin-Less Mica Tapes; Dielectric Tubes and Hoses; Steel plates and Rim Sheets; Steel Casting and Forgings; Steel & Cooper and Electrical Bronze profiles; High Voltage Bushings; Steel Bolts & Rods, Connection Terminals and Screws, Brush Holders and Supporting; Coolers, Bearings, Gaskets & O Rings , and many other Hydro-power, Thermal-power, nuclear-power generators and relatives control equipments needed parts and products.